MewaCompositor is an new image compositor software application that aims to be more intuitive and accessible to digital artists. It uses an workflow interface in a form of a node graph to facilitate the work with complex image processing sequences.

Some of MewaCompositor benefits:

Work anywhere: Because MewaCompositor is available as a Chrome app it can run anywhere Chrome runs. This includes Desktop computers (Windows, Linux, and OS X) mobile devices (Android and IOS platforms) and of course, on a Chromebook.

Automatic Updates: No need to download or install updates yourself. Updates are done seamlessly so you can work knowing you have always the latest version of the software.

Intuitive: Created from ground up to that take full advantage of the latest software and hardware technologies MewaCompositor was also designed to provide a more intuitive and powerfull user experience.

Accessible: With MewaCompositor expensive hardware to do motion video effects is not a requirement. MewaCompositor is optimized to take advantage of graphics hardware and multi-core CPUs to deliver the best performance possible.

Customizable: With a modular architecture, 3rd party developers will be able to extend MewaCompositor with new custom features.

More Performance: For ultimate performance MewaCompositor can be installed in a Desktop machine as a native application. All major Operating Systems supported (Windows, MacOS and Linux).

MewaCompositor has been developed from ground-up to deliver high performance in low-spec computer hardware, and thanks to that we are able to deliver MewaCompositor as a Chrome app. Chrome apps are installed and run from your Google Chrome browser.

MewaCompositor is still under development, and so, is not ready for use. But because we are looking for support we made MewaCompositor available to all of you who have ideas and sugestions to share. To install MewaCompositor visit MewaCompositor Chrome Edition from your Google Chrome browser.

More information on how MewaCompositor works can be found in MewaCompositor User Guide.