Unlock unparalleled audience engagement with Mewa VJ.

Our cutting-edge software empowers you to generate computer-generated imagery in real-time.

stage controlled through mobile phone
Feature 03

Mobile App Control

Experience the freedom to control your system from a cutting-edge app, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Enjoy a user-friendly interface designed to enhance your creative workflow.

Feature 01

Live Video Mixing

Plan and manage live events effortlessly using our browser-based application. Take control and create seamless visual experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Feature 02

Synchronized Playback

Achieve flawless coordination by synchronizing video playback across multiple screens and speakers. Ensure your content is delivered with precision and impact.

Feature 02


Our cutting-edge software empowers you to generate computer-generated imagery in real-time, utilizing real-time data.

Feature 04

Off-the-Shelf Hardware Compatibility

Eliminate the need for costly and specialized hardware. Mewa VJ seamlessly operates on off-the-shelf hardware tailored to any requirement, from high-performance to budget-friendly setups.

Feature 05

Infinite Resolution

Harness the power of computer-generated videos to showcase content at any resolution. Enjoy pixel-perfect quality on every display, ensuring a visually stunning experience for your audience.

Feature 02


Whether you have a single display or an extensive video wall network. Just plug it in. It works with any display.

Feature 06

Record and Edit with Ease

Effortlessly edit your videos with a powerful user interface, adjusting input data to meet your creative vision. Mewa VJ puts the editing process at your fingertips, allowing you to refine and perfect your content.

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